Foundation for Regional Development ROMA - Plovdiv

Foundation ROMA in Stolipinovo is a self-help organisation of Bulgarian Roma. A group of young, self-confident people around Anton Karagiosov fight for equal rights and better lives for their families. The Foundation tries to bring up financial help from European organisations as well as private sponsors to improve the living conditions in Stolipinovo.

Stolipinovo is one of the biggest Roma ghettos in Southeastern Europe. It is situated in the central Bulgarian town of Plovdiv. Due to an unemployment rate of 90% the inhabitants of the ghetto face an abundance of problems: they are suffering from poverty, malnutrition, poor health and education and constant discrimination by the Bulgarian population.

By getting involved in political and social matters the Foundation represents the strong positive tendencies in the ghetto. One example: they have started to desegregate the ghetto schools and more than 300 children from Stolipinovo are now visiting regular Bulgarian schools.