Verein Ketani. Association for Sinti & Roma

Verein Ketani is a sociocultural association with its main focus on cultural education, development and integration of Sinti and Roma in Austria. The association was founded by Gitta Martl, daughter of Rosa Winter, a Sintiza who was imprisoned at the Nazi "Gypsy Camp" in Salzburg and whose family suffered Nazi terror and Nazi homicide. Conmemorating the thousands of Sinti & Roma victims of the Nazi terror is therefore a very personal concern.

Our activities range from literary projects such as "literature and identity", public readings of texts in Romanes and German to creative workshops for school children and adults, such as "Romanes dances", "Romanes singing" or "Romanes cooking" or arts courses with Sinti and Roma artists.

Media work is one of our most important activities. We do radio features or film presentations at educational institutions and community radios, such as Radio Fro in Upper Austria.

There is another big concern that has come up in the past few years: Verein Ketani is engaged in the adaptation of several camping locations in Upper Austria to offer travelling Sinti and Roma an adequate location for their temporary stay.