Videant Commercial and Services Ltd.

Videant Ltd. is an audiovisual and cultural organisation in Pécs, Hungary. We have considerable experience in the organisaton of trainings and courses. We organised a visual arts training for the Symposion Foundation in 2006 and 2007. In the framework of this training Roma and Hungarian artists had the possibility to acquire basic skills in video production and editing.

Every year our film studio receives 5 trainees from Budapest and Pécs who spend 3 months working with us. They receive practical training from our experts, take part in the shootings and in the postproduction. Videant Ltd produced 5 documentaries in the last 2 years on various social, cultural and historical topics.

In the last years Videant Ltd. has cooperated with local Roma communities and institutions in the organisation of various cultural activities. In 2006 we took part in the organisation of a Roma photo exhibition in cooperation with the local Romany Society for General and Cultural Education.

In 2007 we organised a Roma Austrian-Hungarian Poetry Evening where Roma poets from Hungary and Austria presented their works to the public.
In 2007 our company started the preparation and production of a documentary film about Roma communities in Southern Hungary.